ameridown’s Guide to Layering for the Changing Seasons:

Here in Wisconsin, we know that sleeping well during the changing seasons is all about finding the right layers to keep you warm and cozy while you sleep.  No matter where you live, varying temperatures can make sleeping through the night and waking refreshed and ready for your day a challenge.  With the fall season upon us and winter quickly approaching, signs from nature are all around us - cooler temperatures, changing colors, squirrels starting to stock up food for winter – it has us all thinking of warmer layers and deeper palettes.  Whether you are looking for a new layer to add warmth to your bed, or are just looking to change up your colors or décor – please read on for our suggestions that will make your dream of sleeping comfortably through the seasons a reality!

1. Start with your base Layer – your current sheet set.  It feels amazing in the summer to crawl into a bed that has cool, crisp sheets – but that isn’t as welcoming in the fall and winter when the temperatures are colder. Swapping your current sheet set for a warmer one will bring you a lightweight layer of warmth.  Sateen sheets are woven thicker and warmer than percale and are great to use all year-round.  Flannel is an even warmer choice.  Our 5 oz. Velvet Flannel will have you crawling into a warm, cozy bed all season long.

2. Mid-weight Layer – this could be a blanket, throw, or matelasse.  If you don’t sleep with a blanket in the summer, fall is a great time to add one.  Traditionally, the blanket is placed  between the top sheet and a comforter.  You can also layer the blanket at the foot of your bed instead.  It will add style, color, and texture to your top of bed and it will be readily available to be pulled up should you feel the need for an extra layer of warmth.

3. Top Layer – we saved the most important for last – the light weight (or not so light weight) top layer.  We recommend a comforter either used on its own or with a duvet cover, or one of our beautiful pieced quilts.  This layer will be the focal point of your bedroom and will add the most warmth to your bed.  Our pieced velvet quilts have some substantial weight and warmth to them – almost like sleeping under a weighted blanket.  Our comforters will add loft and warmth to your bed – without feeling heavy.  Our comforters come in three warmth levels (light, medium, extra), two fill types (down or down alternative), and a wide range of beautiful colors to choose from.  And if you want to add a duvet cover to your comforter, there are numerous print and solid color options available for decorating your bed.  We are sure that you will find just the right combination of layers that will add style and beauty to your bedroom and warmth to your bed.

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Don’t forget that some of our other essentials and accessories can add comfort, support, and beauty to your warm bed also.  Mattress pads can protect your mattress while adding an extra layer of cushiony support. Our pillows will support your head, neck, and spine while you sleep. Add a pop of color in a throw or decorative pillow and elevate your look even further.

October 08, 2021 — Joy Full

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